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Pet Policy

Amblin has the following set of terms and conditions for those staying on the park on a POWERED SITE with their pets.

• The pet owner must contact the park in advance of arrival to apply to have their pet accepted. Special conditions, such as date restrictions, may apply.
• Pets will not be allowed to stay inside any accommodations at Amblin Holiday Park.
• Pets must be registered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated.
• Dogs classified as “dangerous dogs” are not permitted.
• Pets must be supervised at all times and never left unattended. Pets must be on a leash at all times while not inside your van, tent or other mobile accommodation - there are no exceptions.
• A leash must be no more than two metres in length. No pet ‘runs’ are to be operated by pet owners.
• For health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in any common areas of the park, including the pool area, camp kitchen, laundry, amenities, playground or reception.
• Pet owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their pet’s waste in a sealed plastic bag and disposed of in rubbish bins.
• For health and safety reasons, pets must not be washed anywhere within the park.
• Any pet-related accessories such as blankets and beds are not be washed or cleaned within the park.
• Pet owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for any and all personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions caused by or because of their pet.
• Pets may only be walked in the designated areas of the park, as specified on the map provided. Pets are not to be walked around the park, except via a designated route.
• Visitors to the park are not permitted to bring their pets onsite.
• The pet owner must agree that the park manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose pet is deemed noisy, disruptive, and aggressive or the subject of a complaint/s from other guests. It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to control and manage their pet. If in the view of park management this has not happened to an acceptable level, the owner and the pet may be evicted from the park immediately, forfeiting any monies paid.

Please refer to the park map provided on arrival for the DESIGNATED PET WALK ROUTE within the park.

Please note – the beach in front of Amblin has seasonal restrictions.  Dogs are prohibited between 9am and 5pm on each day of the week between December 1 and February 28 inclusive. At all other times dogs are allowed off-lead



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